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Webkinz Lil Kinz Lil Horse

Baby Brother or Sister to the Full-Size Webkinz--so adorable! Lil Kinz are also pint-size on the webkinz website! 6 1/2 inches.

Webkinz--an Online Playground for the Young and Young at Heart! Meet the Webkinz, lovable plush stuffed animal adopt-a-pets with a secret code that lets you enter Webkinz World--a place where your Webkinz comes to life and becomes your pet! A Webkinz interactive pet is fun and educational. Webkinz Lil plush are a velvety soft pet about 6 1/2 inches long (full-size Webkinz are 8 1/2). Check the tag on his neck for a secret code that brings him to life on the Web.

Using the Webkinz site, kids can adopt their pet and create a virtual world for him. By earning Kinzcash through playing arcade games and answering trivia quizzes, kids can design rooms, buy furniture and clothes and take their virtual pet to Dr. Quack for a check-up. Each pet has its own unique characteristics, so even if kids collect more than one Webkinz Lion, for instance, each online counterpart will have different likes and dislikes from the other. These Lil Kinz are so adorable online--they are smaller than their big brothers and sisters on the screen!

An affordable collectible! Collect them all! Age 3 and up.

It's all age-appropriate, friendly and welcoming.

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